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Linen Table Runner

Let your flair for design take over when you put together the perfect tabletop. A linen table runner will always elevate your table to the next level. Carefully woven from quality linen, these low-maintenance additions will create an informal, relaxed mood for each diner. 

A linen table runner is a simplistic way to bring a touch of texture and interest to a relaxed setting, without becoming too formal. Layer in a stunning tablecloth and napkins to heighten the sense of formality for those special occasions.  

Our linens are woven from the most beautifully soft European linen, with a frayed edging that provides a modern touch. Adapt your style to the seasons bringing in light and airy tones for spring or summer and warm, rich and earthy colours for autumn and winter. 

A linen table runner is the ideal base for the rest of your table décor. Add centrepieces, layer more linen and complete the look with carefully chosen cutlery to create your very own masterpiece. Gradually build up a collection that is interchangeable and enables you to recreate a multitude of styles throughout the year.