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At Layered Lounge, our vision is to bring effortless elegance and thoughtful design to your home. By layering items in soothing neutral shades and natural materials, it’s possible to transform any space into a haven of calm and serenity where you can escape the stress of everyday life.

Our Style

Every Layered Lounge collection is designed to blend comfortably with your existing decor, bringing an air of uncomplicated luxury to everyday living. Soft beiges, subtle greens and bolder shades are combined with an abundance of texture to create a pared-back look that is simple yet never boring. 

Our timeless pieces are the opposite of fast fashion, taking influence from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which celebrates the unique beauty of objects as they age and weather with use. To belong in our collections, each piece must be durable and practical as well as beautiful; we only offer items that we would proudly use in our own home.

Our founders

With a lifelong love of beautiful design and an entrepreneurial spirit inspired by her father’s business, founder Suzy started Layered Lounge to fill a gap in the market for high-quality, nature-inspired homewares at an affordable price. She runs the business with her husband Richard, treating Layered Lounge as an extension of their family, keeping customers at the heart of their work and constantly learning from feedback to ensure each collection is even better than the last.