Passionate about interiors Layered Lounge was launched by us, Suzy and Lou. Two friends who met at the school gates. With vastly different backgrounds, we had shared experiences of renovation and building projects and a mutual frustration with the inability to source items which with to style them. We felt there was a lack of high quality products available without the high price tag attached.  

Our style transcends across Modern Costal interiors, Scandinavian design and relaxed Australian vibes. Influenced heavily by the great outdoors, its more simple, stylish and serene than bold and in your face. Lovers of warm natural textures, soothing colour palettes and harmonious relaxed styling, we strongly believe in a home being a calm haven, a place to retreat and relax. 

We pay attention to trends, but never jump on them for the sake of it. Design should constantly be evolve and new ideas embraced. Yet if we feel a trend is nothing more than a quick fad, here today and gone tomorrow, then it doesn’t make it into our collection. Its as simple as that. Timeless appeal is high on our agenda since we want you to love your pieces as much in years to come as you do today when placing your order.

Quality is central to our selection process. We love to work with traditional craftsman where possible who are experts in their field. Products which not only look fabulous but are practical, durable and easy to take care of rank high on our list of priorities.

“An empty room is like a story waiting to happen, and you are the author.” Charlotte Moss

There’s a reason we wanted to include a reference to layering in our name. It’s a key concept within interior design. Just as you would layer your clothes, your room requires layers to create a sense of warmth, style, comfort and personality. Essential to our business is the provision of interchangeable layers to help you style through the seasons. Turning a house into a home.

So, thank you for shopping with us, helping us grow and being part of our journey. We hope you love what we do as much as we love doing it!