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Natal Fragrance Range

It's no coincidence that our sense of smell can help remind us of a multitude of memories. In fact 75% of all emotions we feel every day are due to the type of fragrance we inhale. A scent can therefore have a big impact on our mood but it can also create a lasting impression.  With a pleasant smell giving us the impression of a more high end and pleasant experience.  

It's no wonder then that a good Christmas scent will consist of those ingredients that are steeped in nostalgia. Harping us back to years gone by and wrapping us in our memories of this wonderful festive season. Hence our desire to create a timeless fragrance perfect for Christmas. A fragrance to revert back to year after year which should become a staple part of your preparation and decorating for the festivities ahead.

Natal, which means Christmas in Portuguese, combines warm tones of orange with the richness of cinnamon and clove. Not wishing to create a Christmas scent which is too sickly, the sweet flavours are perfectly balanced by the spice of clove and the depth of Patchouli. All combine to form a truly harmonious fragrance which in the words of the lovely Philip Schofield on the This Morning show, "smells like Christmas in a bottle"!


Philip Schofield

So be sure to make a great impression for your guests as they enter your home and place a candle, or a diffuser on your hall table. The warm and welcoming scent will surely make them feel at home and leave them getting in the true spirit of Christmas. 

Christmas Candle - Natal

Available in a beautifully packaged Layered Lounge Box, we have gift sets, a fragranced candle, votive, diffuser or oil (which can be dropped into our Aroma Electronic Diffuser), the Natal fragrance makes an ideal gift for someone special or a perfect treat for yourself. 

Natal Gift Set


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