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Elevate your Christmas tablescape this year with some seriously Instagram worthy napkin styling. With a multitude of different options, its time to get creative because when it comes to special occasions, its the details that count. But if you don't know where to start then here are our 4 favourite styles and how to achieve them. 

1. The Christmas Cracker Napkin

A great alternative to the traditional Christmas Cracker, styling your napkins this way combines creating a lovely visual display with gifting. Place your napkin in the table and roll the inner cardboard toilet roll inside. Tie the bottom end with a ribbon to make a cracker style. Then pop your paper hat (if you so wish) and little gift inside the top before repeating the ribbon tying at that end. The result is a lovely cracker style napkin. Christmas Cracker Napkin Styling

 2. The Flat Lay Napkin 

If you prefer a more simple look for your napkins, then this is the style for you. Simply fold you napkin from bottom to top in half. Then taking roughly a third of the width, fold in the right hand side and the repeat by folding in the left hand side. Lay your cutlery on top styled as er the image and tie with a pretty bow and a touch of fresh foliage. 

Linen Napkins Styling

3. The Leaf Napkin 

Add a touch of naturalistic styling to your table with this pretty leaf design. Take you napkin and fold diagonally corner to corner. Repeat this for the second time. Now you have a triangle shape, place the longest flat part at the bottom with the point of the triangle at the top. Now starting at the middle pinch the material at the top and bottom and make accordion folds from the centre to the right side of the napkin. Continue until you reach the end. Holding that in place with one hand fold accordion fold the other side. Then tie the base of the leaf shape with string an natural folding and expand the leaf as desired. 

Leaf Shape Napkin Styling

4. The Christmas Tree 

Fold your napkin in half to create a rectangle shape and then fold in half again to create a square.  Then rotate your napkin so that it lies like a diamond shape on your table with the opening flaps at the bottom. Pull the flaps up from the bottom to the top one by one leaving a gap between each. Once you have folded up the last flap, flip the napkin over.  Using the centre line fold the right hand side inwards about one third of the way. Fold the other flap over the top of the right hand flap. Then fold the top down. Flip over again and tuck up the flaps one by one to create the tree lines. If in doubt you can see our video demonstration here. 

Christmas Tree Napkin


Christmas Napkin Styling

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