Placeholder 3 ways to style your Faux Fir Garland

Our Faux Fir Garland is a versatile piece. With a hook at one end, the garland is designed to hang with its numerous branches in a relaxed way. A look which is not formal and contrived but more naturalistic. This relaxed flexibility of the garland means it is an ideal piece for versatile styling during the festive season. So, let's take a look at our stylist's top recommendations on how to style your faux fir garland. 

1. The Mantelpiece

With draping fir branches, this garland is perfect for draping over the top and down the side of your mantelpiece. We prefer to create an asymmetrical style with the garland strewn more over one end of the fireplace. This creates a more relaxed look which appears less contrived. Our stylist has pared them with a collection of our fabulous ceramic trees which increase in height towards the end of the mantel for visual impact.

Mantelpiece Styling

2. The Metal Hoop
Pare your faux fir garland with our metal hoop and LED dinner candles (sold separately) for a beautiful alternative to a traditional wreath.  Either wrap your garland around half or the hoop or start at the bottom and work up either side towards the top for a more formal feel. Finish with a bow at the bottom if you wish or opt for our garland of small bells as an alternative addition. 
Faux Fir Garland with Metal Hoop
3. The Table Centrepiece
The flexibility of our garland provided by the intricate branches and multitude of fir sprigs makes it a great piece for styling up your Christmas table. Simply drape down the centre of your table (you will likely need two if you have a long table). In between the branches you can place a multitude of decor, from our matt finish brass effect candlesticks to our little wooden trees and garland of small brass bells.  Simple table styling with is so effective. 
Faux Fir Garland Centrepiece perfect for a Christmas Tablescape

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