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Globe Glass VaseGlobe Glass Vase
Large Ceramic Vase from the collection of Layered LoungeLarge Ceramic Vase
Round White Bud VaseRound White Bud Vase from Layered Lounge
Small White Ceramic VaseSmall White Ceramic Vase
White Ceramic VaseWhite Ceramic Vase from Layered Lounge
Large White Ribbed Bud VaseLarge White Ribbed Vase - Layered Lounge
White Ribbed Bud Vase from Layered Lounge White Ribbed Bud Vase
Brown Glass VaseBrown Glass Vase
Smoke VaseSmoke Glass Vase - Layered Lounge
Simple Glass VaseSimple Glass Vase
Narrow Neck Glass VaseNarrow Neck Glass Vase
Tall Grey VaseTall Grey Vase
Round Grey Bud VaseScandinavian design ceramic vases from Layered Lounge
Large White VaseLarge White Vase
Glazed Grey Ceramic VaseGlazed Grey Ceramic Vase
Blue & White Ceramic VaseBlue & White Ceramic Vase
Rustic Grey Glazed VaseRustic Grey Glazed Vase
Large Canopy Vase from LSALarge Canopy Vase from LSA
Small Canopy Vase from LSASmall Canopy Vase from LSA
Blue Ceramic VaseBlue Ceramic Vase
Short Blue & White Ceramic VaseShort Blue & White Ceramic Vase
Large Recycled Glass Vase from Layered LoungeLarge Recycled Glass Vase
Recycled Glass VasesRecycled Glass Vase
Grey Glass VaseGrey Glass Vase

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