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Rectangular Ceramic TrayCeramic rectangular tray from Layered Lounge
Faux Sea UrchinSea Urchin
White Ceramic TrayWhite Ceramic Tray
Hand Carved Wooden Tray from Layered Lounge
Tall Glass Display BoxBlack Glass Display Boxes from Layered Lounge
Seagrass Basket from Layered Lounge Seagrass Basket in 2 sizes from Layered Lounge
Glass Display Box from Layered LoungeGlass Display Box
Faux Clam ShellFaux Clam Shell - Layered Lounge
Faux Coral from Layered Lounge Faux Coral
Giant Faux Clam ShellGiant Faux Clam Shell
Black Metal TrayBlack Metal Tray
Set of 3 Conical Baskets from Layered LoungeSet of 3 Conical Large Weave Baskets
Large Recycled Glass Vase from Layered LoungeLarge Recycled Glass Vase
Recycled Glass VasesRecycled Glass Vase
Small Hero PotSmall Black Clay Hero Pot

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