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LL Loves - Our favourite Aussie Instagramers

When it comes to providing inspirational interiors for us at LL, the Aussies are nailing it. Their style is right up our street, a paired down less traditional version of the Hamptons, with strong hints of Scandinavian influence too, we simply cannot get enough of their relaxed interior vibes. So here is a list of our favourite top ten Aussie Instagramers that will have you ripping up your carpets and chucking out the chintz before the kids get home from school, starting with our absolute favourites...(click on images to take you directly to their websites) Three Birds Renovation 3 mums who swapped the corporate ladder for a life renovating properties. Get a through the keyhole look at all their "renos" including their own homes (wait until you see Bonnie’s house!). Stunning design, and superbly chic relaxed styling. Byron Beach Abodes Taliah Lowry shows off her collection of house rentals, as she should. They ooze simple living and charm. Lots of white, natural textures, beach vibes, tropical plants and effortless styling. You might spot some famous Pinterest images here too. Harpers Project Family owned business of furniture makers, producing beautiful timeless pieces in raw timber and marble, with a nod to European, particularly Scandinavian influence. CMStudio Award winning architects studio in Sydney specialising in simplistic and paired back styling. Abundance of clean lines, liveable light filled spaces with elegant detailing and again, lots of white! Some beautiful natural textures: wood, marble, stone and metals. Well, that’s all of our boxes ticked I think! Kara Rosenlund Photographer/traveller, Kara contributes to Conde Nast, so whilst this is not entirely an interiors based account you cannot help but get swept away with her stunning photography from around the world - one for the mood board! Get in my home Emily Osmond - awarded with numerous international interior blog awards, spaces filled with an abundance of natural light, rooms and places that fill you with happiness are her thing. She also loves to source products from some of Australia’s small businesses. Image above courtesy of Ethos Interiors All images used have been taken directly from those accounts unless otherwise stated.
Scandinavian Interiors
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Inspiration from around the world - Scandinavian Interiors

Everyone loves to take some inspiration for their interiors from around the world. Here at Layered Lounge our style has often been described as transitional, sitting somewhere between the timeless approach of the Hamptons, the simplistic forms of Scandinavia and the laid back living of Australia. So we thought it would be a good idea to make a quick round the world tour of the various interior styles. Gaining inspiration and insight into what makes them work so well and how we can adapt them to our homes. So we start journey in Scandinavia whereclimates dominated by long dark winters and mountainous landscapes rich with woodlands. This meant living conditions were not always easy. Homewares were traditionally made by hand with less concern for how they look but greater emphasis on how well they work. This desire for functionality is still prevalent today. Scandinavia produces some of the worlds most beautiful yet simple pieces for the home with a balance between function and style within their design. So lets take a closer look at the elements which contribute towards typical Scandinavian interior design and how we can adapt them for our homes. Light Lovers of light, those living in Scandinavia simply don't get enough of it naturally. You will frequently find open plan spaces, large windows and roof lights in a scheme in order to maximise as much light as possible. But if you cannot afford to knock down walls or fit bi-fold doors, there are cheaper alternatives to add a touch of Scandi style and help light up your home. Use accessories instead. Place a mirror adjacent to a window to bounce natural light back into the room, it will also make your room look bigger. Add accent lighting with lamps placed in dark corners and when it comes to accessories don’t go for anything too heavy. The use of glass objects will allow light to shine through and smooth ceramics with organic shapes will help prevent a heavy look. So layer your accessories with glass vases, you can view our range here, or mercury tea light holders which are reflective too. Image courtesy of Instagramer Ingrid Navelsaker, showing her beautiful home. Colour When it comes to colour palette, keep it simple. White is used in abundance in Scandinavian interiors to help create light. It also creates a sense of calm and cleanliness and is a good backdrop against which to layer colour. You will often find pops of colour introduced in accessories or single pieces of furniture. Variations of rich charcoal grey, blush pink, or more vibrant yellows and oranges for example. Yet balance is key, colours are not overpowering or competing against each other. Often shades of colour are used to maintain the simple look. Shades of grey or blue for example. Image courtesy of Finn.no Natural Materials Clearly Scandi styling incorporates a lot of natural materials especially wood, light (or blond) wood in furniture, flooring and eve cladding. The texture from natural materials is a fabulous way to add depth and warmth to a room so you will also find materials such as concrete, stone, linen and wool incorporated too. OurSefuri stone effectlamp base is a lovely way tointroduce some natural texture intoyour scheme as well as providing light. Clean Lines A somewhat minimalist style, many Scandinavian interiors are not cluttered or over furnished, preferring pieces of beautifully designed furniture to breath and be seen. Furniture design itself is sleek and modern, with strong clean lines. The look is fresh and crisp. The same could be said of accessories. Simple shapes and unfussy pieces are the way forward. Take, for example, our gorgeous ceramic bud vases, with their organic shapes and smooth matt finish. No wonder they are designed and made in Sweden. Image above, Layered Lounge Collection of Swedish Ceramic Vases Layers Layering is such a vital part of interior design and whilst Scandinavian Interiors are simply adorned, you will rarely see a Scandinavian sofa without cushions or throws. Create warmth and style with natural material choices such as our pebble knit cushion and Kent Throw. Continue the process and define your spaces with rugs under tables and sofas, style shelves with candle holders, vases and pictures. Clean up the clutter by introducing baskets where you can (under a console table is a good one) and storage boxes on shelves. Image courtesy of @SHNordic styling Layered Lounge products Above all Scandinavian interiors are fresh, clean and crisp. An uplifting style that can work with family life providing we keep the clutter at bay!
Alpaca Throw
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Why buy a Fair Trade Alpaca Throw?

If you haven't felt Alpaca wool before then you are certainly missing a treat. This sustainable material is a most luxurious yarn. Incredibly soft to the touch and lacking the scratchiness often associated with wool. Alpaca wool is classified in terms of a micron count, which measures the softness of its yarn. Baby Alpaca, as you might expect, is the finest and can be likened to the Rolls Royce of Alpaca wool. But aside from the indulgent luxury of the material there are other benefits associated with: Warmth Alpaca is warmer than sheep wool. Like human hair, its fibres are hollow allowing the air to permeate the material. The air becomes trapped and warms you as a result. Yet importantly does not allow you to overheat. Alpacas have to tolerate temperate changes which fluctuate by 40 degrees, so their wool needs to work well to keep them both cool and warm. Hypoallergenic Remember that scratchiness we mentioned? Well, unlike wool from a sheep, Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic. It doesn't contain Lanolin so it won't irritate your skin in the same way. Sustainability Alpacas generally require less water and living without boundaries in the Andes generally sharing less land with endangered species such as snow leopards than sheep do. (check this) Environmentally friendly process Alpaca's actually produce up to 28 shades of colour naturally, yet it is also a material which easily maintains colour when treated with natural dyes. You can see why we wanted to incorporate Alpaca throws into our collection now can't you. Our Alpaca throws come directly from Peru. More than 3 quarters of the world's population of Alpaca's live in Peru. Incan nobles used to how their wealth by the number of Alpacas in their herd. In fact a higher price was placed on Alpaca finer than gold or silver. So its no wonder we wanted to work with a supplier based in Peru with traditional skills and strong values. Our supplier started life as a husband and wife team starting training programs to provide valuable sewing skills to Peruvians. Run on a strict ethos the company has worked through the 10 principles of the World Fair Trade organisation to receive the Fair Trade Certification. It now provides fair work conditions to more than 400 people in Peru. Peru is still a male driven economy yet our supplier runs social programs for women to encourage them to learn new skills, becoming artisans in their own right and being able to provide for their families. Women attending the workplace in Lima have flexible hours which allows them to return home at lunch time and cook for their families. An important concept for Peruvians. Aside from the equal opportunities practises, the Fair Trade certification means our producer has to abide by these 10 commitments ... Create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers Transparency and accountability Fair trading practise (respect ancient cultural traditions) Payment of a fair price Ensuring no child labour and forced labour Commitment to non discrimination, gender and women's economic empowerment and freedom of association Ensuring good working conditions Providing Capacity Building Promoting Fair Trade Respect for the environment   We are thrilled to include these fabulous products into our collection. Our new baby Alpaca throws have taken months to source so we hope you love them as much as we do!
Tranquil Dawn: Dulux Colour of the Year 2020
News & Trends

Dulux Colour of the Year, what is it and why do we care?

Those at the heart of the interior design world, distinctly mark this week in their calendars. Why? Because it’s the week in which we see the announcement of the Dulux Colour of the year. A prediction of what lies ahead for us for the following year. It will influence what consumers will see on magazine covers, in high street shops, on Pinterest and of course, on many an Instagram grid. Last year saw us embrace Spiced Honey, a warm rich tone, so what is the Dulux colour of the year for 2020? Tranquil Dawn: A cool soft green. A serene colour which acts as an antidote to what Dulux see as an “increasingly disconnected” society. Source: Dulux So just how does DULUX choose the colour? DULUX panellists along with extremal advisors assess current factors affecting society on a global scale and the impact they have on us. Social pressures, climate concerns, the state of the economy for example, as well as design and lifestyle trends. So in a world where climate change is at the forefront of our minds and technology is changing at an ever increasing rate, it’s no wonder they have come up with a colour which reminds us of humanity and our natural habitats. Tranquil Dawn reflects “a growing desire to understand what it is to be human, at a time when advances in technology are making us feel increasingly disconnected from each other” says Dulux. The colour green symbolises nature, its use in interior design helps to bring the outside in and Tranquil Dawn is the percent hue for creating a comforting place to relax, recharge and invigorate our mind and souls. What impact does the Dulux colour of the year actually have on the interiors world? Early adapters will no doubt be rushing out to grab their pot of paint and emblazoning it on their walls immediately. Designers and manufacturers will be incorporating it in their new product ranges as we write this. For consumers that means it will soon soon start to appear in product collections for you to buy. Whether you choose to embrace it or not will depend on your own personal taste but you will definitely be exposed to it. If its a colour you love - great. Unsure? Try a few smaller purchase items and see how you feel. If its simply not for you then at least take a look at the colour palettes Dulux have put together as a complement to it, see below. (more on that in a upcoming blog). Source: Dulux So what do we think? We have to say, we absolutely love Tranquil Dawn. Lovers of muted colour palettes which are easy to love and easy to live with, we aim to help create homes which are calm and soothing. A sanctuary in which to unwind from the days stress. Tranquil Dawn fits right in. Against our favourite natural textures and materials such as concrete, wood and glass, this colour works beautifully. So whilst we wouldn't go all out and cover our walls in it, we shall definitely be incorporating into our home accessories collections. As for how it makes us feel, well let’s just hope it does what it says on the tin!
The Safari lamp is perfect for adding texture to your room
Interior Style Tips

5 elements to layering your lighting

Lighting is such a key aspect when designing a room. For anyone embarking on a major refurbishment project or simply giving an existing room a bit of an overhaul, adapting the lighting can completely change its atmosphere. Just as you would layer your overall interiors scheme, so too should you think of a lighting scheme as being a process of layering. Outlined below are the key elements of lighting layer. Natural Light - When you start your designs or plan always consider what natural light the room benefits from. Even the most sophisticated lighting scheme is no substitute for natural light so try to find ways to enhance as much of it as possible. In a full refurbishment this could be adding floor to ceiling windows, skylights or even a glass roof. For more minor alterations, position mirrors to bounce light back into the room, adjust curtain fixtures so they sit as far bask as possible from the window panes or change inner doors into glazed versions. The beautiful home of "Just a Little Build" with large sliding doors and skylight Ambient lighting - The most generic lighting, this is the layer that which replaces natural light. Most popular forms of ambient lighting are overhead recessed lights. Here are some top tips when selecting your ambient lighting: A good rule of thumb for the number of spotlights is 1 light for every 4 square foot. Recessed spotlights give a much softer and sophisticated ambience. You can either choose fittings which actually recess in the ceiling or fitting with recessed bulbs. Whilst chrome fittings used to be fashionable, a white fitting blends into the ceiling and diverts the eye. Controls should include dimmers to allow for a changing of atmosphere as your and if your budget allows you, a centrally controlled system helps preset various moods. John Cullen Lighting really are experts in the field of lighting design. Here they show off perfect use of a variety of recessed lights Task lighting - pretty much what it says on the tin! Task lighting allows specific areas to be lit in order to get tasks done. For your kitchen think pendant lights over your island unit or under counter lights to illuminate food preparation areas. It can also be a table lamp in a reading corner of your lounge or a ceiling mounted light fitting over the dining table. When designing the task lighting requirements, first think about the way in which you live and how your room will function. Make a list of all the activities you will be doing in the room, and where they will occur. Once again image courtesy of John Cullen Lighting, pendant lights & down-lights illuminate key task areas Accent Lighting - This is really the styling layer. When planning this phase, consider those areas you really want to show off. Are there any architectural features in your home which deserve to be highlighted with uplighter or downlighter or tracked spots? Does a cosy corner of the room deserve to be highlighted with a statement lamp? Perhaps you have some artwork that you needs to be illuminated? Lamps are in fact a fabulous way to add style to your room and illuminate spaces with soft low level lighting at the same time. You can add warmth and texture with a lamp and in the case of the Anna Jacobs range, some lamps even act as works of art. More isn’talways better though so don’t overdo it. A single statement lamp such as our Sefuri (below) is often more effective than an array of lamps scattered randomly throughout the room. Our Sefuri lamp with its beautiful stone effect adds warmth and texture to this white based room. Candle light - never underestimate the power of candles to create that romantic relaxing mood. But if lighting a whole host of candles in your room every night is not your bag, then the faux LED versions offer an easy alternative. Ours have built-in timers too, so they will light up every night at the same time. One less thing to worry about… Beautiful styling of our LED Candles and Metal Lantern by the uber talented SH Nordic. For further inspiration for light fittings take a look at high end experts John Cullen Lighting, who have worked in the industry for over 35 years and Creative Director Sally Storey has written numerous books on the subject including this one. “Perfect Lighting: inspiring solutions for every room”, available on Amazon.
5 Steps to bring Lagom into your home?
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5 Steps to bring Lagom into your home?

Lagom is to set to become the new "Hygge"... You may have only just got your head around Hygge, and can even say it correctly, when along comes another Scandinavian craze. This time its a Swedish trend, easier to pronounce and it's the secret to living well. It's called Lagom. It means "not too little, not too much but just right". It sounds like a Mary Poppins quote yet without the perfection! There is no English equivalent to the word and some Swedish folk actually believe it can prevent experimentation and stop them expressing themselves. Yet it is making a mark on interiors and in design it effectively implies "less is more". So let's explore and see how you might incorporate Lagom into your home. Adopting the philosophy of Lagom within your home is an attempt to enjoy a happier, balanced and sustainable lifestyle. At the heart of this trend is the elimination of unnecessary items. Banish the clutter! Try instead to choose functional pieces with sleek, minimalistic styles. You can still create a beautiful and comfortable home but without too much fuss. So here are 5 steps to help bring Lagom into your home... 1. Create Harmony & Balance Keeping life simple is at the heart of Lagom, a lack of complication both in lifestyle and interiors is key to this philosophy. In your interior design, that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Colour is central to influencing your mood. Harmony and balance can be achieved by keeping your colour palette to a few key colours. A style that we at Layered Lounge favour with our muted complimentary colour schemes forming the base of our collection. Grouping relatively neutral colour palettes always translates to elegance and simplicity. Cool greys and milky whites are ideal for a relaxed backdrop. A timeless look. Whilst natural tones of warm taupe gives a feeling of comfort and blue can bring a sense of calm and serenity. Take our collection of throws below, wonderful tones combine with timeless patterns - super simple, super elegant. 2. Declutter Pare back your accessories with the "less is more" motto in mind. It's not always easy to achieve clear surfaces when you have a family but clever storage systems can help you. This can make all the difference to ensuring a more tranquil room. If you like to display your children's work, still do so but don't ram a pin board with paintings and drawings that can't be seen. Instead select some favourites and allow them to be shown off individually in all their glory. 3. Think Green Not the colour as such but greenery in your home with house plants - it will have an impact on your wellbeing and instantly improve how you feel. (See our blog The Revival of House Plants for more info). Plants can really have a benefit both to your health, by removing pollutants within the air, and to your mental state by lowering blood pressure. Not to mention the plant pot can contribute to your home decor. We have a wonderful selection of beautiful pots for plants or succulents so have a peak in our flower shop. Berg Grey Plant Pot 4. Maximise light We've already mentioned clearing your surfaces but you can create a greater sense of light and space through the use of mirrors, your home accessories and the colours of your walls. An obvious one but paint your walls a shade of white to instantly brighten a room. Strategically place mirrors in a dark room to allow the light from outside to bounce around it. Select home accessories that will add to a light and airy feel. Take our beautiful glass candlestick holders on a table scape for example. They give the table a sense of elegance and ambience due to their varying heights and the glass ensures they do not dominate the space. A metal version would block the views and give the table a completely different, more heavy appearance. Simple Glass Candle Stick 5. Less is more Less is more is at the core of Lagom. Yet finding this balance and creating a simple style need not imply an overtly minimal look. Try to buy selectively when making your purchases. Buy items that are not only beautiful but functional too. Shop mindfully. We do when sourcing our collections. There is an awful lot of low-quality trend led products out there. We make a conscious effort to curate timeless quality pieces that will last. Lagom still encourages a cosy home so this winter buy candles, blankets and cushions to give a feeling of comfort, yet keep them stylish and simple. When it comes to your accessories, select some key items to style display areas. See our shelfie below as a perfect example - calm, serene and not overly cluttered. So as you all know by now, we are not driven by trends. However, philosophies are not exactly trends yet they do influence the interiors world. Coming in and out of fashion themselves. Hence why we delve into the likes of Lagom, Wabi Sabi and Hygge, here on our blog. When it comes to the Layered Lounge style, we take elements from all of these to create a collection that also combines Scandi, Asian, Hampton's and Aussie vibes. So why not try create your own transitional style. Take influence from various influences and see what you come up with - we would love to hear from you so please do share with us!
Macy Plant Pot
News & Trends

The Revival of House Plants..

Having plants around the house reminds me massively of my childhood (in the 80’s particularly) It was so common then to have spider plants hanging in green plastic containers from the ceiling of the bathroom, large ferns in huge wicker pots in the lounge to play hide and seek behind and rubber trees dotted in the hallway that constantly gathered dust! Houseplants have come and gone over the century – in Victorian times the common Aspidistra plant was very popular, known as the cast iron plant for it’s ability to survive in the gloom of the era. But after falling out of fashion plants made a massive comeback in the 70’s and 80’s not only in homes but in shopping centres, offices and public buildings. Plants were part and parcel of the décor culture. Rubber trees, cocoa palms, umbrella trees and weeping figs were common place in homes that were visually large and over empowering which compensated for the lack of general furniture in rooms. And then they were gone! But now plants are having a massive revival not only for their looks but also for their health benefits too. Magazines and Instagram feeds are full of images of them. Even macramé pot hangers are cool again (hanging pot supports made of cord) along with terrariums (little gardens of plants in what looks like a fish bowl!) Plants purify the air: Our homes without us realising are harbouring many nasty substances, which hide in man made fibres, home furnishings and even our carrier bags. Over time they can affect our health, but studies have proven that plants can purify these substances by pulling contaminates into the soil, then the microorganisims coverts them into food for the plant – Don't you just love nature! Plants reduce the carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity in the air and help reduce the airborne dust levels. You may have seen the increase in plant walls in city centres. Not only do they create a “wow “ factor they help with reducing urban heat island effects and smog, offset the carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions and act as a sound proof barrier – How clever is that! Release Water: As part of photosynthesis plants release vapour, which increases the air around them releasing roughly 97% of the water they take in. Place several plants together to increase the humidity of your room. Improving Health: Adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients. They help to lower heart rates and blood pressure, anxiety and fatigue. Helping also with a faster recovery from metal tiredness. Plants shown here in a collection of our pots. Top Plants for Indoor Use: (Using their common name) Spider plant, Dragon Tree, Gerbera Daisy, English Ivy, Boston Fern, Philodendron, Snake Plant, Peace Lily So whether you live in the city or suburbs having plants around you can only have a positive effect on your wellbeing. So grab yourself a plant and create the perfect excuse to buy a new pot! After all it's not just the plant that adds to your interior decor but the pot too.. Toro Pots
Layered Lounge - Where Have We Been?
Behind the Scenes

Where have we been ?

We’ve now passed our first year anniversary and have learnt an awful lot in our fist year of trading. Its fair to say we’ve made mistakes (too many to mention!) and we started in difficult economic times with the uncertainty that Brexit brings looming. But we are learning and growing. Sitting behind a screen and running an e-commerce business is not an easy way out to start and build a business. Yes, it’s relatively straightforwardbut unlike a physical store, you don't get to meet your customers and gather feedback. So in our first year wedecided tospend a good deal of time getting out and about. Van hired, loaded and unloaded several times, days and nights surviving on way to much coffee, stodgy carbohydrates, a few G&Ts, we have hit the road and throughly enjoyed meeting you all. So where have we been ? Well, clearly the budget was not huge for a start up business so we attended a lot of school fairs, charity fairs and pop ups at friends houses. For anyone starting out in a retail, asking your friend to host a gathering for you is a great way to expand your reach and get customer feedback. With a business in home accessories being mobile is somewhat tricky. Lugging around hefty boxes of ceramics, a few lamps, cushions, throws and even rugs is not for the faint-hearted I can assure you and there have been times when we have simply spent hours at a place only to realise that it’s not where we will find our target audience. But overall the pros have far outweighed the cons. A year on and we are now attending bigger more substantial fairs and events such as the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair, where we shall be again in November for the Christmas event. Set in a wonderful location, the clientele were delightful and could not have been more complimentary about our stand. Comments such as “oh my goodness it looks so fresh, crisp and beautiful, I just want it all” to “wow it looks like a version of Neptune or the White Company with a twist”. One visitor even saw our image in the magazine and came to the event especially to see us! It doesn’t get much better than that. We also attended the Wild Tweed show in High Wycombe the first to be held at the shooting ground. A two day event it was a wonderful blend of high end shopping, events for the kids, food stalls and stage featuring some fabulous bands and DJ. Calendars permitting we’ll likely be back next year so watch out for it if you are in the area. As for the future, well we are currently applying to further large events in London and the South East so keep a tab on our Instagram for updates and we’d love to hear from any of you if you have attended fairs further afield which you’ve really enjoyed. Its not problem to load the van up n the new year and hit the road. After a season of excess we will certainly be craving the exercise! And just for a laugh, the infamous "Floss" video..
Launching Layered Lounge
Behind the Scenes

A new business - From dream to reality

For anyone wishing to embark on a new business we have 3 top tips for you: Read - as much as you can Research - as much as you can Go for it - because you can! It’s very easy to sit and dream, but dreams don’t become a reality unless you take the plunge and life is short. If you’ve read our About Us page you will know that Lou and I met at the school gates some years ago. Our girls at that time weren’t great friends (although they are now - they have to be!). Quickly moving on from chatting about them we got on to the topic of personal aspirations and dreams. We'd both taken career breaks to be at home with the kids yet were craving a new chapter in our lives. We wanted to financially provide again but also wanted to build something. A business we would be proud of, passionate about but which also allowed the flexibility to manage the kids too. Having come from different career backgrounds, other than our kids we had another mutual passion, Interiors. We are both mad about them. Everything from knocking down a wall to styling the cushions and throws. Between us were a number of renovation and building projects under our belts, with family and friends frequently complimenting our styles. It was a natural fit. We were also reasonably frustrated with not finding the right items to style our homes. (Organising the first photo shoot & Stock arrivals) We couldn't afford the luxury market and the high street offerings lack the quality we desired. Certain trends washed over us too, we couldn’t fall in love with them long enough.So from that initial discussion a few months went by until we raised the issue again, finally giving ourselves a deadline to get started. First serious “business meeting” was had that week, the plan was hatched and our first to-do list made. One page turned into another culminating with a feeling of being completely overwhelmed but equally really excited and raring to go! A lot of people think setting up online is easy and to an extent thats true. There are no barriers to entry, you can build a web shop quite cheaply and quickly. But once its built it there's no guarantee people will come. There is an awful lot of hard graft in getting your brand out there as many small businesses will tell you and even with social media, breaking through all the noise can be tricky. But thats where your aspirations and drive become vital. You need to keep moving forward.You see for us, we always dream big, we are here for the long haul, to create a real brand. This is more than just two bored mums dipping their toes into something. We are working our socks off but this is a real passion. The journey so far has not been plain sailing, heck we've made a lot of mistakes and already had a re-branding , but theres also a lot we are incredibly proud of. In this, our second year, we have been overwhelmed with the response that you, our customers, have given us. You’ve been incredibly complimentary and this makes us even more determined to keep going on our journey.So thank you for your support. We're a very hands on business,Lou and I can be reached at any time, so please keep it coming and continue along with the ride. Layered Lounge, a family affair, the daughters get involved! (nofilters!)

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