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Why you should fill your home with candles...

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In religious practise, lighting a candle signifies a prayer being said for someone and it can also symbolise purity and goodness. In every day life for us, lighting a candle is synonymous with the end of a work day, a time for calm and relaxation. A point in the day when work is over, dinner is done, the little ones are asleep and the teenagers chilling in their rooms. Sound over indulgent or trivial? Certainly not. In an era of heightened mental health awareness non of us should feel ashamed for taking some time out to work on our own well-being and even a simple lit candle can help you to do so...

Glass Candle sticks by Layered Lounge
Beautiful Glass Candlesticks available online

The Science Part

It's been scientifically proven that candles have meditating qualities. Their soft mesmerising light provides a soothing aid to help create a sense of peace and tranquility. This is great news for those of us who find it hard to switch off. The simple lighting of a candle will encourage our brains to enter into a more relaxed state resulting in a reduction of stress.

The Experience

The low light level of a candle is immediately cause with our sight which sends a mesmerising message to our brains and enables not only our minds but our bodies to relax also. Its no wonder then that spa and yoga retreats and even restaurants aiming for a romantic ambience place candles in strategic places to encourage occupants to gain a relaxed sensory experience from their visit.

Table Setting by Layered Lounge styled with Astoria Tableware, Glass Candle Holders and Grey Glassware.
Table styled using Astoria Dinnerware, Grey Glassware and simple glass tea light holder and candlesticks

Scented Candles

A scented candle can also be a powerful trigger. The choice of a fragrance depicts a mood which is unique to each person who smells it. Whilst some may be drawn to certain overtures, others may find them repulsive. Also changing your scented candles for the seasons can evoke feelings of a fresh start in Spring or cosiness in Autumn. During Autumn/Winter for example we favour the heavier woody scent of our Louisa candle. Whilst the Tranquility candle is more akin to Spring/Summer months with a combination of floral and citrus scents.

Tranquility Scented Candle & Diffuser by Layered Lounge
The uplifting aromas of spa-like Tranquility scent...

Let's not overlook style!

So whilst we can now appreciate the health benefits of candles, you can also use candles as a design statement. It's the finishing touches of a room which are often overlooked but are so key to a design success. Layer your home with accessories to create a warm inviting space. Candle holders come in all shapes and sizes and designs. So there is something for everyone available out there. Large pieces such as our stunning metal lanterns can have a wonderful impact on a room. Equally smaller colours glass tea light holders placed on a coffee table add style and provide lovely low level lighting. One again we always recommend placement in odd numbers for visual impact so choose one large or small piece depending on the area you wish to style. Alternatively a group of 3 will look stunning too.

Frosted Candle Holders and Grey Vases from Layered Lounge
Grey Vases and Frosted Candle Holder, all from Layered Lounge.
(Plus visit our new Dried Flower Collection!)

So however busy your lives are, remember to take time out for you. Remember that no matter how guilty you feel at putting the breaks on, moments of relaxation will result in a better nights sleep and that will only make you more productive tomorrow! So stop what you are doing, light a candle, sit down and just breathe...
















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