5 Steps to bring Lagom into your home?

5 Steps to bring Lagom into your home?

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Lagom is to set to become the new "Hygge"...

You may have only just got your head around Hygge, and can even say it correctly, when along comes another Scandinavian craze. This time its a Swedish trend, easier to pronounce and it's the secret to living well. It's called Lagom. It means "not too little, not too much but just right". It sounds like a Mary Poppins quote yet without the perfection! There is no English equivalent to the word and some Swedish folk actually believe it can prevent experimentation and stop them expressing themselves. Yet it is making a mark on interiors and in design it effectively implies "less is more". So let's explore and see how you might incorporate Lagom into your home.

Adopting the philosophy of Lagom within your home is an attempt to enjoy a happier, balanced and sustainable lifestyle. At the heart of this trend is the elimination of unnecessary items. Banish the clutter! Try instead to choose functional pieces with sleek, minimalistic styles. You can still create a beautiful and comfortable home but without too much fuss. So here are 5 steps to help bring Lagom into your home...

1. Create Harmony & Balance

Keeping life simple is at the heart of Lagom, a lack of complication both in lifestyle and interiors is key to this philosophy. In your interior design, that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Colour is central to influencing your mood. Harmony and balance can be achieved by keeping your colour palette to a few key colours. A style that we at Layered Lounge favour with our muted complimentary colour schemes forming the base of our collection. Grouping relatively neutral colour palettes always translates to elegance and simplicity. Cool greys and milky whites are ideal for a relaxed backdrop. A timeless look. Whilst natural tones of warm taupe gives a feeling of comfort and blue can bring a sense of calm and serenity. Take our collection of throws below, wonderful tones combine with timeless patterns - super simple, super elegant.

2. Declutter

Pare back your accessories with the "less is more" motto in mind. It's not always easy to achieve clear surfaces when you have a family but clever storage systems can help you. This can make all the difference to ensuring a more tranquil room. If you like to display your children's work, still do so but don't ram a pin board with paintings and drawings that can't be seen. Instead select some favourites and allow them to be shown off individually in all their glory.

3. Think Green

Not the colour as such but greenery in your home with house plants - it will have an impact on your wellbeing and instantly improve how you feel. (See our blog The Revival of House Plants for more info). Plants can really have a benefit both to your health, by removing pollutants within the air, and to your mental state by lowering blood pressure. Not to mention the plant pot can contribute to your home decor. We have a wonderful selection of beautiful pots for plants or succulents so have a peak in our flower shop.

Berg Grey Plant Pot Scandinavian Design
Berg Grey Plant Pot

4. Maximise light

We've already mentioned clearing your surfaces but you can create a greater sense of light and space through the use of mirrors, your home accessories and the colours of your walls. An obvious one but paint your walls a shade of white to instantly brighten a room. Strategically place mirrors in a dark room to allow the light from outside to bounce around it. Select home accessories that will add to a light and airy feel. Take our beautiful glass candlestick holders on a table scape for example. They give the table a sense of elegance and ambience due to their varying heights and the glass ensures they do not dominate the space. A metal version would block the views and give the table a completely different, more heavy appearance.

Simple Glass Candle Stick

5. Less is more

Less is more is at the core of Lagom. Yet finding this balance and creating a simple style need not imply an overtly minimal look. Try to buy selectively when making your purchases. Buy items that are not only beautiful but functional too. Shop mindfully. We do when sourcing our collections. There is an awful lot of low-quality trend led products out there. We make a conscious effort to curate timeless quality pieces that will last. Lagom still encourages a cosy home so this winter buy candles, blankets and cushions to give a feeling of comfort, yet keep them stylish and simple. When it comes to your accessories, select some key items to style display areas. See our shelfie below as a perfect example - calm, serene and not overly cluttered.

So as you all know by now, we are not driven by trends. However, philosophies are not exactly trends yet they do influence the interiors world. Coming in and out of fashion themselves. Hence why we delve into the likes of Lagom, Wabi Sabi and Hygge, here on our blog. When it comes to the Layered Lounge style, we take elements from all of these to create a collection that also combines Scandi, Asian, Hampton's and Aussie vibes. So why not try create your own transitional style. Take influence from various influences and see what you come up with - we would love to hear from you so please do share with us!

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