Velvet - why we love it

There is no better material for adding luxury and a feeling of warmth to your home than velvet. A material which oozes elegance and sophistication, velvet is once again set to have its moment this season. A pleasure not only to look at but to touch, adding velvet cushions to your sofa or a velvet shade to your lamp can instantly exude style and comfort.

Whilst traditionally velvet has been synonymous with darker colours predonimantly a material for the rich it is often associated with stately homes adorned with antiques upholstered in velvet frequently having seen better days. It is now being used in abundance in headboards, sofas and accessories in a wide variety of colours. But you don't need to go overboard with the fabric, you can introduce it in smaller accessories which don't cost the earth but instantly update your look.


So you can never have enough cushions! So using velvet cushions in your displays is an easy way to introduce an on trend refresh at any time of the year. A simple plain colour is striking enough to break up pattered fabrics or can compliment other plain colours and the beauty of velvet is that it sits perfectly with most fabrics. Take this deep rust cushion toned with the navy. And the white sits perfectly on it's own or with both. All enhance each other very well, but mix with a patterned linen cushion or a heavy cotton loom and they will look stunning together without you even trying!

A selection of our Velvet Cushions beautifully piped with linen.


The trick with velvet if you are not adventurous enough is to add in small doses and a lampshade is perfect because it can be used on a small scale but can have a very satisfying result. Shown here is our Shiva black lamp base with petrol blue shade. The base is fairly plain but the texture and the colour combined with the gold inside gives that feeling of warmth and decadence with or without the bulb on.


You just can't beat a velvet chair or sofa, they are timeless! Being expensive pieces if you choose a hue that you love it will definately stand the test of time. Think about this time of year snuggling up on a velvet sofa with the fire lit under a sumptuous throw. As well as being a soft, comfortable fabric velvet will not clash with other fabrics within your home. A large sofa instantly draws you in and if layered with cushions and throws correctly can look even more inviting. If your space is limited why not go for a more streamlined armchair or a bench at the end of your bed.

Image from Pinterest


The Theatre springs to mind with this one. The huge red stage curtains filling the audience with anticipation as to what dramas unfold once the reams of fabric are elegantly pulled back! Unless you live in a Palace the majority of homes can't take this with such scale but if proportioned properly can still look amazing. A big bay window dressed with velvet can look amazing and particularly in the winter months could help with the drafts. If you don't want such a heavy look why not combine a heavy linen with a velvet border edge to still give that feel of luxury to your room.


Sometimes called Flock wallpaper this originated in Ancient China. The styles generally are inspired by India, Arabic, Rococo, Boroque and China. Not only does it look luxurious and expensive there are a lot of advantages to using velvet on the walls which you may not have realised. The product has excellent thermal insulation. They are of high quality, durable and soft. Easy to use and can be cleaned with a damp cloth often. It can perfectly hide uneven walls and is considered the most environmentally friendly. A+ fire resistance so does not ignite. Who would have known! So why not give it a go even if it's on an accent wall.

So why not give it a go this season and give your home that luxury but understated update it deserves! We're here to help as always if you need us.



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