Honey tones combine with rich terracotta at the Paris Maison & Objet Fair

Trends? This could be our favourite year yet...

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Whilst we've always said wepay attention to trends but aren't slaves to them, this year could see us eat our words!Yes, this could just be our favourite year yet in design terms. Butcan we really call them trends or is the interior design world experiencing something more? Perhaps a permanentshift in consumersmindset. Whatever the case, arecent buying trip to Maison & Objet, Paris left us openly falling in love with so much. Why? Because this years "trends" are so much greater aligned to our own values and desires....

1. Colour - overall the look this year is much warmer and more fresh. Grey as a neutralhasto an extentbeen replaced with strong ormilky whites. The kind featured in many an Australian interiors magazine.Dreamy tones of cream and soft honey alsoprovide the perfect backdrop upon which to layerpops of colour such asblush pink bronze or indigo. Funnily enough there wasn’t an awful lot of Pantone’s Colour of the Year Living Coral about. Instead a lean towards a softer more palatable tone of rust orange, dampened red and rich Terracotta.But if that all sounds a bit too blandfor you, don't fretsince the rich and confident jewel coloursof emerald green andteal are set to stay. Perfect for adding sophisticated drama to ascheme. chasing trends for trends sake..long make itcontinue…

2. Texture - Wow, this really is a key driver for interiors this year - hurray! With toned down colour palettes contrast and interest mustbe injected throughother forms and what better way to breathe life into a room than texture. From your lamp bases to your cushions,layering with texture can add depth and warmth to your room and help designa schememore in tune with nature. Within this period of reflection, there is a greater desire for oursurroundings to be an oasis of calm and relaxation, a need forsensory stimulation through touch as well as sight. Textures are therefore highly tactile and considered on even the smallest of interior pieces.

3. Materials - 2019 will see an increase in the use of more natural materials.Concrete in furniture design is a big play, although frequently combined with fibreglass to make it lighter, pieces are often handmade and hence have true character to them. We are total converts to this material playing a larger part in both indoor and outdoor schemes. Other natural materials such as rattan/caneand stone are also having their day. The desire to be closer to nature behind this shift.Metals are less brash too, brass and burnished golds are complemented with nickel for that mixed metal look which we totally adore. As for Rose Gold, its packed its bags and left the design studio - Hallelujah! The revival of velvet continues. A beautiful material which adds a sense of luxury to any scheme.

4. So what about the overall look - overall the look has amuch more relaxed vibe. Immersed in a tech-driven world that never sleeps,it feels as though we are ever more cravinga better sense of well being. Thedesire to break free and go back to basics, toreevaluate how we want to live our lives.Sound deep? Perhaps, but the moment in which we are living provides greatinspiration to the design world. Hence there seems to be bit of ashift away from interiors adorned witheclectic clutter. Whilst the eclectic look is still evident, the finish is much more "less is more" now. Anincreased awareness of how our purchases impact the the environment has ledtowards a buying culture that values quality and longevity. Pieces that arehandmade rather than mass produced, usingtraditional craftsmanship, and in harmony with nature. Such items by thenature of theproduction process are known to have imperfections and we are wholeheartedly embracingthis uniqueness. Overall there's a distinct move away from "trends" for trends sake..

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