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The Revival of House Plants..

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Having plants around the house reminds me massively of my childhood (in the 80’s particularly) It was so common then to have spider plants hanging in green plastic containers from the ceiling of the bathroom, large ferns in huge wicker pots in the lounge to play hide and seek behind and rubber trees dotted in the hallway that constantly gathered dust!

Houseplants have come and gone over the century – in Victorian times the common Aspidistra plant was very popular, known as the cast iron plant for it’s ability to survive in the gloom of the era. But after falling out of fashion plants made a massive comeback in the 70’s and 80’s not only in homes but in shopping centres, offices and public buildings. Plants were part and parcel of the décor culture. Rubber trees, cocoa palms, umbrella trees and weeping figs were common place in homes that were visually large and over empowering which compensated for the lack of general furniture in rooms. And then they were gone!

But now plants are having a massive revival not only for their looks but also for their health benefits too. Magazines and Instagram feeds are full of images of them. Even macramé pot hangers are cool again (hanging pot supports made of cord) along with terrariums (little gardens of plants in what looks like a fish bowl!)

Plants purify the air: Our homes without us realising are harbouring many nasty substances, which hide in man made fibres, home furnishings and even our carrier bags. Over time they can affect our health, but studies have proven that plants can purify these substances by pulling contaminates into the soil, then the microorganisims coverts them into food for the plant – Don't you just love nature!

Plants reduce the carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity in the air and help reduce the airborne dust levels. You may have seen the increase in plant walls in city centres. Not only do they create a “wow “ factor they help with reducing urban heat island effects and smog, offset the carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions and act as a sound proof barrier – How clever is that!

Release Water: As part of photosynthesis plants release vapour, which increases the air around them releasing roughly 97% of the water they take in. Place several plants together to increase the humidity of your room.

Improving Health: Adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients. They help to lower heart rates and blood pressure, anxiety and fatigue. Helping also with a faster recovery from metal tiredness.

Plants shown here in a collection of our pots.

Top Plants for Indoor Use: (Using their common name)

Spider plant, Dragon Tree, Gerbera Daisy, English Ivy, Boston Fern, Philodendron, Snake Plant, Peace Lily

So whether you live in the city or suburbs having plants around you can only have a positive effect on your wellbeing. So grab yourself a plant and create the perfect excuse to buy a new pot! After all it's not just the plant that adds to your interior decor but the pot too..

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