The new floral trend: Dried Flowers

Faux flowers have seen an explosion in demand in recent years. Trying to fill your home with fresh flowers every week not only seems a waste when they don't last that long but frankly can also cost a fortune. Its no wonder then that we are choosing to invest in timeless faux versions, especially since they have come such a long way in design and quality from the artificially plastic wildly colourful pieces that used to grace our parents home!

But there's a new trend on the horizon in the floral market and it looks to be the next big trend. Step aside faux flowers, because dried flowers are snapping at your heels. Yes many of you will balk at the idea of filling your home with dust gathering dried flower stems which remind your of your grandmothers house. Yet just like faux flowers, they too have come a long way. Today's offerings include more exotic flower species, grasses and variations which have been cleverly coloured or bleached for a contemporary look.

Offering longevity over their freshly cut originals, the demand for dried flowers appears to have started with the Wedding industry. A wide variation of pretty colours and stems enabled the bride's bouquet and displays to remain a true keepsake of her day. A stunning piece of memorabilia which remains exactly they way it was at the time. Pinterest has been filled with images of magnificent displays from floral wedding artists showing off their talents such as those below and the designers market has suddenly caught on...


A magnificent display of Dried Flowers. Image courtesy of Pinterest
Beautiful dried wedding flowers. Image courtesy of

So what do you think? Could you become an early adapter of this new trend or are you still not convinced. Well, we have to say that having seen some truly beautiful pieces we are seriously starting to fall in love with them. Hence the reason to introduce a new collection to our flower shop. A perfect way to add a touch of timeless yet contemporary natural beauty to your home, our top styling tips for dried flowers are...

Keep it simple

Floral artists have been cleverly creating magnificent displays but it can be very hard for the average home owner to recreate so our suggestions would be to keep it simple. A few stems of dried cotton stalks or poppy heads for example is a simple but incredibly effective way to add naturalistic beauty to your interior


Theres a trend taking place for brightly coloured dried flowers currently too, reds, oranges even greens and blues. Our advice and thoughts on the subject would be to stick to more naturalistic tones. That being said we do loved the bleached look as you will see from our collection. So if you are just dipping your toe in to this floral market we suggest you play safe. Neutral colours will add interest and texture without being in your face.


The vessel you choose can make all the difference to how these pieces look. Dried flowers are a more subtle display and command a lighter more natural vase to accompany them. So think ceramics or glass and steer clear of heavy metals, particularly shiny ones. Dried flowers are a prime example of Wabi Wabi philiopsopy in which we are told to appreciate the ageing process and the imperfection of handmade so a beautiful crafted piece could be just the thing.

So it could be that dried flowers will be likened to Marmite, you'll either love or hate them. Yet we promise you will be exposed to them and perhaps you might be convinced to give them a try. So if you're feeling brave, head over to our new collection. There's got to be a little corner of your home that is crying out for some!


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