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Modern Coastal Design

When we think of coastal design we an be excused for thinking of lots of blue stripes, chintzy lighthouse ornaments and "this way to the beach" signs. All of which is very much out of date these days! Well, coastal design is having a revival thanks to Scandinavian/Australian influence and now we honestly find ourselves immersed in huge desire for Modern Coastal design. Modern coastal design is all about creating a sanctuary. A place that reminds us of the great outdoors, nothing over styled but an abundance of cool comfort and relaxation, tranquility and calm. So if we want to evoke those feelings in our own home and add a touch of modern coastal design, how do we do it? The overall look centres around clean simple lines, textures and a muted colour palette. A distinct nod to nature, but lets take a closer look at how we can incorporate that.. Colour - when you look at Colour Psychology (more on this in a later blog), you realise how colours can have a huge impact on your emotional state. In general any modern coastal colour scheme will be influenced by the natural environment, think blue for the sea, green for the vegetation and soft beige hues for the sand. Blues and neutrals are used to evoke a sense of calm, green adds balance and harmony, whilst white is illuminating and creates freshness. The Australians have replaced stark white walls with a more milky white tone which is warmer and more relaxing. Furniture - when choosing your bigger items such as furniture, lamps, mirrors, its often a case of less is more. Think oversized yet simple shapes. A deep relaxed sofa in a neutral colour is perfect for creating that relaxed vibe. We absolutely love Timothy Oultons Noble Souls range of sumptuous comfortable sofas which are created with natural linens using 100% natural veg dyes. Materials - again these take their influence from the outside and the more natural the better. Think linen, cotton, wood. The modern coastal style has been derived from traditional coastal design but with a lot less formality and a more rustic flair. So textures are more rugged, wood more natural in colour, elements of clay or ceramics are handmade and not finished to perfection. Which leads us nicely on to... Accessories - this is a simple way of bringing the materials into the scheme. Try to include an abundance of texture, beach living is very tactile (think sand between your toes) and hence your accessories should be too. A woven rug example, handmade wooden objects and natural linen and cotton cushions. Glass pieces keep the scheme light & fresh, whilst decorative objects again should be more naturalistic. Replace the chintzy objects with natural looking faux shells or coral for example. You can also use books to decorate your coffee table or sideboard as this should be a place to encourage relaxation. Don't forget to include some forms of life too, we're talking plants here. A large oversized green plant is exactly what the Aussies would use and with their experience with outdoor life, who are we to argue! Here are some of our favourite pieces to help recreate that modern coastal scheme.. NEW Monty Lamp Base & Shade combines texture with beautiful sandy hues and looks fabulous alongside our Macy plant pot. Blue & white tones with varied textures add a sense of calm and interest to your scheme. Here we have styled the Flint Linen Cushion, alongside Graphic Print Dove Cushion the and the White Velvet Cushion. Also added in for extra comfort is the Grey Fishbone throw.
Aussie Interiors
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Inspiration from around the world - Aussie Interiors, Beach Vibes

When it comes to creating a really relaxed beach house vibes the Aussies really do have this one nailed. Of course they have the weather for it, but they also have the style and attitude. When you think of Aussie Interiors, especially beach house vibes, think Hamptons with a twist. Interiors that show off dreamy relaxed styling with an abundance of natural textures and soft soothing colour palettes. So wonderful to gasp at but also so calm and easy to live with. So what elements make up the general trend we are currently seeing down under? Let’s start with... Colour White has uplifting qualities so naturally the Aussies love it, but with all the light they benefit from naturally, they can afford to go less stark with their shade replacing our favoured strong white with a more vanilla/milky white. It’s a much more relaxed shade, softer on the eye and to some extent easier to compliment. Colour palettes used in Australian interiors can, in general, be more muted taking inspiration from natural surroundings and materials. Tones like hessian or linen, pale greys, soft muted blues and sea greens, all reflecting the ocean, sandy beaches, pebbles and vegitation. Image courtesy of Interiors Online, Australia. Natural Textures Just like in Scandinavian interiors, there is a great allegiance to natural textures and traditional craftsmanship. In fact whilst many an interior designer might loathe beige, the Australians embrace its, but in natural forms. Think stone plant pots, linen cushions, seagrass baskets. Wood is a material that is used in abundance but to seem extent in a more rustic style relevant to that part of the world, rattan, bamboo, acacia. Image courtesy of Homes to Love, Australia. Greenery Indoor plants have made a real come back here in the UK but our Australian counterparts have had a long standing relationship with them, realising their health and mood benefits and placing them in practically every room they can! Lucky enough to have such a fabulous variety of large leaved tropical plants, an Australian interior is unlikely to be without a feature sizeable plant in their main living areas. Image courtesy of Beach House Abodes Outdoor life Clearly Australian lifestyle is all about the great outdoors so it’s no wonder that in architectural design of a house, creating a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors is a top priority. Bringing the outdoors in is vitally important, As you can see even from this ensuite bathroom that appears to float outside. But equally with the explosion of fabulous outdoor accessories these days, we can also continue our interior styling design scheme and style from indoors to outdoors through the use of rugs, cushions, throws, candles etc. Something to think about when you are considering your open plan living space and outdoor dining/lounging areas. Image courtesy of Australian House Garden Original, Australia. Furnishing a space Whilst the traditional Hamptons look is quite contrived and more formal, the Australian version is much more paired back. Preferring to mix and compliment various different pieces to create that relaxed vibe. Living rooms feature oversized sofas with deep seating in natural textures, designed for comfortable family living. Rooms are not cluttered or over-decorated but carefully styled so that the look is effortless and space flows freely. Family life is paramount so individual pieces are practical and free to be seen and used. Image courtesy of Three Birds Renovation, Australia. Accessorising We all know that many Australians are well travelled given their proximity to some of the most beautiful parts of the world, so to truly recreate the Aussie look you clearly need some accessories that have been collected from around the globe. Don’t think a few shells cut it either, collect pieces which might reflect traditional cultures and craftsmanship. Objects that will remind you of wonderful times and joyful moments. Remember that simplicity is key but a few well loved items create a home that is truly unique.TheAussies like us also love to layeraccessories for thoseoccasions when the weather turns so there will always be a throw on hand and an abundanceof sumptuous cushions to snuggle in to. Image courtesy of Pamela Makin, Australia. So whilst we love the Hamptons styling, its a lot more contrived and with 5 kids and 2 dogs between us its not as easy to live with or uplifting as the Aussie counterparts, so for us they are the clear winners. For further inspiration on Australian Interiors take a look at our blog of favourite Aussie Instagramers here.
Scandinavian Interiors
Interior Inspiration

Inspiration from around the world - Scandinavian Interiors

Everyone loves to take some inspiration for their interiors from around the world. Here at Layered Lounge our style has often been described as transitional, sitting somewhere between the timeless approach of the Hamptons, the simplistic forms of Scandinavia and the laid back living of Australia. So we thought it would be a good idea to make a quick round the world tour of the various interior styles. Gaining inspiration and insight into what makes them work so well and how we can adapt them to our homes. So we start journey in Scandinavia whereclimates dominated by long dark winters and mountainous landscapes rich with woodlands. This meant living conditions were not always easy. Homewares were traditionally made by hand with less concern for how they look but greater emphasis on how well they work. This desire for functionality is still prevalent today. Scandinavia produces some of the worlds most beautiful yet simple pieces for the home with a balance between function and style within their design. So lets take a closer look at the elements which contribute towards typical Scandinavian interior design and how we can adapt them for our homes. Light Lovers of light, those living in Scandinavia simply don't get enough of it naturally. You will frequently find open plan spaces, large windows and roof lights in a scheme in order to maximise as much light as possible. But if you cannot afford to knock down walls or fit bi-fold doors, there are cheaper alternatives to add a touch of Scandi style and help light up your home. Use accessories instead. Place a mirror adjacent to a window to bounce natural light back into the room, it will also make your room look bigger. Add accent lighting with lamps placed in dark corners and when it comes to accessories don’t go for anything too heavy. The use of glass objects will allow light to shine through and smooth ceramics with organic shapes will help prevent a heavy look. So layer your accessories with glass vases, you can view our range here, or mercury tea light holders which are reflective too. Image courtesy of Instagramer Ingrid Navelsaker, showing her beautiful home. Colour When it comes to colour palette, keep it simple. White is used in abundance in Scandinavian interiors to help create light. It also creates a sense of calm and cleanliness and is a good backdrop against which to layer colour. You will often find pops of colour introduced in accessories or single pieces of furniture. Variations of rich charcoal grey, blush pink, or more vibrant yellows and oranges for example. Yet balance is key, colours are not overpowering or competing against each other. Often shades of colour are used to maintain the simple look. Shades of grey or blue for example. Image courtesy of Natural Materials Clearly Scandi styling incorporates a lot of natural materials especially wood, light (or blond) wood in furniture, flooring and eve cladding. The texture from natural materials is a fabulous way to add depth and warmth to a room so you will also find materials such as concrete, stone, linen and wool incorporated too. OurSefuri stone effectlamp base is a lovely way tointroduce some natural texture intoyour scheme as well as providing light. Clean Lines A somewhat minimalist style, many Scandinavian interiors are not cluttered or over furnished, preferring pieces of beautifully designed furniture to breath and be seen. Furniture design itself is sleek and modern, with strong clean lines. The look is fresh and crisp. The same could be said of accessories. Simple shapes and unfussy pieces are the way forward. Take, for example, our gorgeous ceramic bud vases, with their organic shapes and smooth matt finish. No wonder they are designed and made in Sweden. Image above, Layered Lounge Collection of Swedish Ceramic Vases Layers Layering is such a vital part of interior design and whilst Scandinavian Interiors are simply adorned, you will rarely see a Scandinavian sofa without cushions or throws. Create warmth and style with natural material choices such as our pebble knit cushion and Kent Throw. Continue the process and define your spaces with rugs under tables and sofas, style shelves with candle holders, vases and pictures. Clean up the clutter by introducing baskets where you can (under a console table is a good one) and storage boxes on shelves. Image courtesy of @SHNordic styling Layered Lounge products Above all Scandinavian interiors are fresh, clean and crisp. An uplifting style that can work with family life providing we keep the clutter at bay!

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