New blog: how to create a cosy home this autumn
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Autumn Home Decor: Create a cosy home

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" F. Scott Fitzgerald Autumn, possibly our favourite time if the year, when the colours of nature totally compensate for the fading of the summer sun. Its a time to gaze at the world around us and its also a time when we want to capture the beautiful scenery and bring more of the outside in. Its the prefect season to truly show off your layering skills. For those of you unfamiliar with this interior design term, its really quite easy. Merely compare layering your home to layering your clothes. Just as you would add layers to your outfit (shoes, handbag, jewellery, scarf, coat etc), your home needs layering too. It's the process which truly prevents a scheme from looking flat. Starting with a blank canvas of furniture and paintwork, adding accessories and layering your shelves, sofa and even table helps to make your house a home. In autumn we feel the need for comfort, craving this in foods, smells, warmth and relaxing ambiences. So in order to create a cozy atmosphere in your home, be sure to consider the senses.. Sight: Colour Autumn is possibly our favourite month for colour. The abundance of changing colours of the leaves, the golden brown of the harvest and the crisp dew on the grass which has gained back its colour following the dry summer months. No wonder that we want to capture that and reflect it in our homes. So for a simple Autumn colour palette be sure to incorporate some deeper colours, it doesn't have to bright, just rich. Think dark olive green, burnt orange, deep greys, warm tan and midnight blues. Place them in your home in a number of places, cushions on your sofa, a vase on your kitchen island unit, a throw on your favourite armchair or new pieces on your dining table. The beautiful colours captured in this image perfectly reflect the Autumnal tones. Image fro Pinterest. Get a similar look with our rich green cushion and camel alpaca throw below. Touch: Texture Texture is a key element for adding interest to a scheme, but be sure to mix it up. A home filled with the same elements merely looks flats and uninviting. Instead create interest and a haven of relaxation with sumptuous cushions combining, wool, heavy linens and velvets for example. Adorn your sofa with a soft tactile throw perfect for snuggling in and a great addition to your cushions. Our white velvet cushion for example, looks beautiful against the new Alpaca throws. Small accessories are also a great and inexpensive way to change the mood of your home. Pieces of wood bring natural elegance and warmth to the scheme and textural variation can also be achieved through ceramic pieces, such as our range of Scandinavian bud vases. Don't forget your candle holders either, coloured glass versions will help soften the atmosphere. Image courtesy of Cate St HillA lovely blend of colour tones but also textures, from the chrome lamp to the mohair throw which breathes life into this space. Beautiful Scandinavian natural textures in furniture, accessories and soft furnishings. Our collection of ceramic vases below are a perfect way to style seasonal stems.   Smell: Scent Whilst we all love a room diffuser and a scented candle to provide a welcoming scent in our homes, we cam often get stuck in a rut sticking to one candle of our favourite scent. Try to mix it up a bit for the seasons. During the winter months you can afford to try a floral scent with a slightly heavier overtone, with a combination of wood or Oud for example. This will instantly evoke feelings of comfort and warmth. Our Louisa scent is ideal for this, a rose base blended with Oud is both feminine and strong at the same time. There's nothing more relaxing than snuggling under a warm throw amidst candlelight Its easy to achieve variation in your home with maximum impact and just a few small changes, so don't be afraid to give it a try and think of it as gradually building out your wardrobe. Buy timeless pieces that will carry your through the seasons year after year.
Coffee Table Decor
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No.1 - How to style your coffee table...

Just like an island unit is to the kitchen, the coffee table is an anchor of your living space. A piece of furniture which pulls together a design scheme and creates a warm hub around which to congregate. Its also one of the main objects which draws your eye as you enter a room. So, it's important that from a styling perspective it doesn't get overlooked. Styling your coffee table decor is not a difficult or complicated process but neglecting it can leave a room feeling flat. We've created a few simple guidelines to help you create those finishing touches with ease and in very little time. So here are our top tips: Balance The Look Balance is what makes things look and feel comfortable. You can use symmetry to create balance or style your possessions asymmetrically. For symmetry, for example, you would place a feature piece in the middle of your coffee table and match heights of items either side. If you wanted a less formal look then go for asymmetry, which is much more popular these days. Remove the central piece, create height at one end and balance with a longer display of objects towards the other end. See images below. Asymmetrical Balance Vignettes A vignette is essentially a group of objects. A curated collection of some of your favourite pieces. Items which compliment each other well through colour palette, texture or shape. You should style these vignettes in groups of odd numbers. There really are no hard and fast rules of how to do this, it is really down to trial and error, using your naked eye and personal taste as your judge. For a vignette is all about adding your own personality to your home. A group of vignettes which share a similar colour palette and an emphasis on texture, tape and some natural materials which brings the earthy look together Space Do not allow your objects to overpower your space. Yes, you want to create some height on your table but being able to see across it and engage with family and friends is also important. Filling a table to the edges also does not allow it to be used for practical purposes such as placing your drink or book down. So be wary of overcrowding it. Equally you should not fall into the trap of believing that a small coffee table should be decorated with small objects. Sometimes fewer but more bold pieces can have greater effect. This coffee table has so much going on that there is barely a place to put a cup of tea! Cohesion Whilst the coffee table is an individual piece of furniture, it is not an island! So styling it should take inspiration from the other elements around the room to form a cohesive look. Such as the natural materials that have been used, colour scheme, or overall style of room you are looking to achieve (Scandi, Industrial, Eclectic etc.). You wouldn't put a collection of brightly in your face garish pieces on the coffee table if you are aiming for a laid back modern coastal look. Here the monochrome styling of the room is continued through to the coffee table decor Image: Homevialaura The Stylists Best Friend Finally if in doubt get a tray. A simple styling trick used by the professionals. Placing a tray on your coffee table and styling your objects inside is easy and effective. It brings together a collection. It's also practical, because if at any point you need more space then you can just lift it all off in one go. Our lacquered white tray is ideal from puling together a collection of objects on your coffee table. We hope this helps with just a few simple tips and tricks of the trade. If you are looking for some stylish coffee table decor then here are our top 3 picks... Faux Shells - click here Smoke Vase - click here Handcrafted wooden tray - click here
How to style your home with books
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No. 2 - How to use books to style your home

Despite how digital we have all become you simply cannot beat the touch and feel of a good book. From a styling perspective its also the perfect way to add a human touch to a room and create that feel of relaxation. So with book sales on the rise again, and their increasing popularity amongst stylists, its no wonder the "coffee table book" even has its own category within publishing houses. So how can you get that professionally styled look using your book collection? Here are our top tips... The coffee table stack. If you have a selection of beautiful hard back books, with lovely looking covers then show them off. Stack a pile, on your coffee table and finish off with an ornament on top. This adds height and interest to this flat top piece of furniture. If your table is large enough you can create multiple piles of varying heights. Try also leaving a book opened with a beautiful page showing fro a truly relaxed look and see how quickly your guests are drawn to it! Shelving display For shelf styling, remember you don't have to stand them all upright in a uniform way. Alternate instead, lay some piles of books flat and others upright. Create a diagonal that draws the whole look together: for example on the top shelf position upright books in the right corner, shelf below position books laid flat in the left corner and repeat as you go down the shelving unit. The floor-stack A stack of books positioned on the floor within reach of the sofa helps to create that relaxed vibe. If you have an empty fireplace you can even stack a few in that too for a more eclectic look. Show the page side A very effective design trick can also be to turn the books around and show the page side rather than the bound edge, especially if the covers are not so attractive. Showing the pages creates a harmonious colour scheme, creating a neutral backdrop for other more vibrant decorative accents. Colour coding Alternatively if you have an abundance of books you could also try to colour code them for a unique look. Place books of similar coloured covers on each shelf. You can then add colour coordinated accessories around that scheme. Go vintage Wandering around old flea markets, charity shops and antique filled villages you will likely come across an abundance of beautiful old books. Whilst you may not be enticed to read them all they would make wonderful decorative objects for your shelves. We love to mix the old with the new and this is a superb way of doing so.
5 Top tips for Easter table styling
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5 Top tips for Easter table styling

We love Easter, a long weekend away from work, filled with fun. For us it's also the perfect excuse to set abeautiful table, gather the family, cook, eat and just enjoy being together. But if being the hostthis weekend fills you with dread,we're here to help. A tablescape should be a joy to create and not a stress, and it shouldn't take you too long either.. So here are our top tips for giving your Easter table that "straight out of a magazine" look. Table Linen Nothing says special occasion more than a lovely tablecloth & napkins. Personally we love a linen, for it's modern yet relaxed look. Stylists also love use linen because it has texture and depth. But the most important benefit has to be that it actually looks better when it hasn't been ironed! So adorn your table with your favourite tablecloth and mix and match you napkins for a less formal look. Featured products: warm white linen tablecloth, napkins and bud vases. Centre piece Create a wow factor with a magnificent centre piece. Clearly we would remove this oversized version when eating but as guests walk in the room it really is an amazing site. Don't over complicate it, limit your stems to 2 or 3 types and decorate with some lovely Easter eggs. Like us, you could use faux flowers for a lasting effect, adorned with decorative eggs or you could replace with fresh stems and chocolate egg treats for the kids!Featured Products: Faux Gysophilia and Pussy Willow, decorative plastic eggs. Spring Blooms Nothing screams Easter more than spring blooms. Scatter smaller vases along your table filled with a few fresh stems to add layers and focal points for each place setting. Daffodils will add colour, Gypsophilia is dainty and oh so pretty, both cheap yet effective. We've used a mix of our lovely ceramic bud vases to add colour and texture ( a professional stylists favourite combo) but you can easily replace these with small glass jars instead. It's all about adding layers to the look! Decorations You can't beat a few quirky Easter decorations, well worth the investment, you can bring them out year after year and they will symbolise memories your kids will cherish for years to come. Our simple rabbit figures add a bit of fun for all the family but without too much fuss. Tableware Finally, bring out your favourite tableware and pile high. Layer your plates and bowls to add height to your display, even if you remove them when guests sit down. If you are serving a starter, mix and match the top plates or bowls for a less contrived look. If not then don't be afraid to fill your bowls with treats or adorn your plates with stylish napkins (see our bunny ears video for styling ideas! Click here) Our tableware ranges are perfectly designed to take you from everyday dining to special entertaining, so theres no need for a formal and informal set! But if you have still got a special set lurking somewhere in a cupboard then get it out and use it! Wishing all of you a lovely break and a very happy Easter, Much love Lou & Suzy x
Layered Lounge - Top 10 tips on how to style your cushions
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How to style your Cushions Our Top 10 tips

We all love a cushion and like shoes, you can never have too many right? Wrong! Whilst our love affair with these comfy, cosy and stylish accessories is sublime, your sofa or chair still remains somewhere you need to sit. So do you need a little help on how to style your cushions? Well here is our top 10 tips. Crowding - Don't overload the space, ensure there is enough room for you, your family, guests and maybe even the dog to curl up on. Size - start with the biggest pillow at the back and build layers up from there. Vary sizes and shapes of cushions to add interest on your sofa. For example, on a large sofa place a 50x50 cushion at the back and finish off with a simple rectangular cushion at the front. This helps to break up the uniformity Balance - We are all programmed to be drawn to symmetry, yet symmetry can sometimes look to formal and contriving. Creating asymmetry helps make the overall look more natural. Again on a large sofa we would place 2 cushions at one end and 3 at the other (as in the image above), connecting the two areas by colour and creating balance in the process. Numbers - This brings us nicely onto numbers, generally aim to go for odd numbers, 3,5 & 7 cushions depending on the size of sofa. For a two seater sofa we would suggest 3 cushions, a 3 seater sofa go for 5 and so on. Texture - the secret weapon! If strong colours and patterns aren't your bag then be sure to go for texture (see image below) to create the interest in your scheme. Soft velvets combined with natural linens, a touch of wool and perhaps even some faux fur in winter to create a cosy inviting space. Tones - these are your friend if bold contrasting colours are not your thing. Varying shades of grey for example, from light grey to charcoal will prevent the scheme from looking too flat. Patterns - if you love a pattern then don't be afraid to mix them up rather than have 2 or 3 identical ones. Again just ensure there is some cohesion in colour or texture. Matchy Matchy - In a traditional setting you would match all your cushions together. There's nothing wrong with doing this but it can look a tad old fashioned. Perhaps instead match one cushion either end and vary from there in (as we have done above). Positioning - If you have a light sofa start with the darkest colour at the back and work forward and the opposite if you have a dark sofa, it helps to create that contrast. Chop or not ? - here we refer to the karate chop styling of cushions and indeed its a frequently asked. Indeed when Sophie Robinson, interior stylist & bona fide cushion lover, was asked the question at a recent Layered Lounge function her response was... "whilst I'm not against the chop, I tend prefer to give them a good old punch!" Styled above are a wonderful blend of textures which include the heavy loom cotton cushion in blue, Oxford stripe pink cushion which has been made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and grey strip wool throw.  

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