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TOP TIP: Wax has a memory, so when you first light your scented candle, allow it to burn long enough that the top layer becomes molten all the way to the edge of the glass container. If you only let it burn for a small pool of wax it will always burn to that edge creating that tunnel effect which ultimately reduces your overall burn time. Firstly go with your personal taste… It goes without saying that Taste is a very particular thing and preferences can be derived not just from our sense of smell but also the memories they evoke.Some prefer a more musky tone, others are naturally drawn to more floral flavours. Even within that divide Floral overtures can be combine with spices or woods for a more masculine balance or enhanced with fruits to bring out the sweeter side. The seasons Seasons play a huge part in the way we design and indeed wish to scent our homes. Naturally becoming more of a hibernator during winter months we will likely want to select flavours reminiscent of what is available at that time and oozes a sense of cosiness, warmth and depth. If you like a real sense of Christmas then Winter Spice is the one for you but for an overall Autumn Winter scent then the Winter Woods & White Jasmine is a firm favourite at this time of year. Spring/summer on the other hand is when we might choose something more uplifting such as our Sea Breeze candle. The room Always consider which room you will place your scented candle in when purchasing, in terms of its use and design. Just like you wouldn’t style your entire house the same, your scents too should be unique to the rooms they reside in. Define your spaces Our Wild Fig Diffuser takes pride of place on the shelf in my husband’s office at home. A rich masculine tone it compliments the depth of the fitted dark grey painted units and bookshelves perfectly. Whereas the open plan kitchen and living space is where I love to enjoy the uplifting and fresh aroma of White Tea & Wisteria. Size of space It may seem obvious but a small space will only require one candle whereas a large open plan space will require more. Whilst some will profess an equation for how many scented candles you need this really again comes down to taste and trial na error. Start with 1 or 2 and work from there. If you don’t wish to burn a host of candles at one time then you can easily combine candles and room diffusers to enhance the distribution of flavour throughout. Finally, don’t forget to light it. We see far too many beautiful candles gathering dust in homes. You really don’t need to save your candle for special occasions. A scented candle can be incredibly uplifting, I have one on my desk and light it regularly, especially when doing more creative work. My favourite? Sea breeze, it reminds me of so many happy memories at the beach and it smells gorgeous! For a look at our range of scented candles click here.

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