How to style your home with books

No. 2 - How to use books to style your home

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Despite how digital we have all become you simply cannot beat the touch and feel of a good book. From a styling perspective its also the perfect way to add a human touch to a room and create that feel of relaxation. So with book sales on the rise again, and their increasing popularity amongst stylists, its no wonder the "coffee table book" even has its own category within publishing houses. So how can you get that professionally styled look using your book collection? Here are our top tips...

The coffee table stack.

If you have a selection of beautiful hard back books, with lovely looking covers then show them off. Stack a pile, on your coffee table and finish off with an ornament on top. This adds height and interest to this flat top piece of furniture. If your table is large enough you can create multiple piles of varying heights. Try also leaving a book opened with a beautiful page showing fro a truly relaxed look and see how quickly your guests are drawn to it!

Coffe table styling with Layered Lounge

Shelving display

For shelf styling, remember you don't have to stand them all upright in a uniform way. Alternate instead, lay some piles of books flat and others upright. Create a diagonal that draws the whole look together: for example on the top shelf position upright books in the right corner, shelf below position books laid flat in the left corner and repeat as you go down the shelving unit.

How to style your home with books by Layered Lounge

The floor-stack

A stack of books positioned on the floor within reach of the sofa helps to create that relaxed vibe. If you have an empty fireplace you can even stack a few in that too for a more eclectic look.

Show the page side

A very effective design trick can also be to turn the books around and show the page side rather than the bound edge, especially if the covers are not so attractive. Showing the pages creates a harmonious colour scheme, creating a neutral backdrop for other more vibrant decorative accents.

Colour coding

Alternatively if you have an abundance of books you could also try to colour code them for a unique look. Place books of similar coloured covers on each shelf. You can then add colour coordinated accessories around that scheme.

Go vintage

Wandering around old flea markets, charity shops and antique filled villages you will likely come across an abundance of beautiful old books. Whilst you may not be enticed to read them all they would make wonderful decorative objects for your shelves. We love to mix the old with the new and this is a superb way of doing so.

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