How to style your Cushions Our Top 10 tips

We all love a cushion and like shoes, you can never have too many right? Wrong! Whilst our love affair with these comfy, cosy and stylish accessories is sublime, your sofa or chair still remains somewhere you need to sit. So do you need a little help on how to style your cushions? Well here is our top 10 tips.

  1. Crowding - Don't overload the space, ensure there is enough room for you, your family, guests and maybe even the dog to curl up on.
  2. Size - start with the biggest pillow at the back and build layers up from there. Vary sizes and shapes of cushions to add interest on your sofa. For example, on a large sofa place a 50x50 cushion at the back and finish off with a simple rectangular cushion at the front. This helps to break up the uniformity
  3. Balance - We are all programmed to be drawn to symmetry, yet symmetry can sometimes look to formal and contriving. Creating asymmetry helps make the overall look more natural. Again on a large sofa we would place 2 cushions at one end and 3 at the other (as in the image above), connecting the two areas by colour and creating balance in the process.
  4. Numbers - This brings us nicely onto numbers, generally aim to go for odd numbers, 3,5 & 7 cushions depending on the size of sofa. For a two seater sofa we would suggest 3 cushions, a 3 seater sofa go for 5 and so on.
  5. Texture - the secret weapon! If strong colours and patterns aren't your bag then be sure to go for texture (see image below) to create the interest in your scheme. Soft velvets combined with natural linens, a touch of wool and perhaps even some faux fur in winter to create a cosy inviting space.
  6. Tones - these are your friend if bold contrasting colours are not your thing. Varying shades of grey for example, from light grey to charcoal will prevent the scheme from looking too flat.
  7. Patterns - if you love a pattern then don't be afraid to mix them up rather than have 2 or 3 identical ones. Again just ensure there is some cohesion in colour or texture.
  8. Matchy Matchy - In a traditional setting you would match all your cushions together. There's nothing wrong with doing this but it can look a tad old fashioned. Perhaps instead match one cushion either end and vary from there in (as we have done above).
  9. Positioning - If you have a light sofa start with the darkest colour at the back and work forward and the opposite if you have a dark sofa, it helps to create that contrast.
  10. Chop or not ? - here we refer to the karate chop styling of cushions and indeed its a frequently asked. Indeed when Sophie Robinson, interior stylist & bona fide cushion lover, was asked the question at a recent Layered Lounge function her response was... "whilst I'm not against the chop, I tend prefer to give them a good old punch!"
Styled above are a wonderful blend of textures which include the heavy loom cotton cushion in blue, Oxford stripe pink cushion which has been made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and grey strip wool throw.



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