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Just like an island unit is to the kitchen, the coffee table is an anchor of your living space. A piece of furniture which pulls together a design scheme and creates a warm hub around which to congregate. Its also one of the main objects which draws your eye as you enter a room. So, it's important that from a styling perspective it doesn't get overlooked. Styling your coffee table decor is not a difficult or complicated process but neglecting it can leave a room feeling flat. We've created a few simple guidelines to help you create those finishing touches with ease and in very little time. So here are our top tips:

Balance The Look

Balance is what makes things look and feel comfortable. You can use symmetry to create balance or style your possessions asymmetrically. For symmetry, for example, you would place a feature piece in the middle of your coffee table and match heights of items either side. If you wanted a less formal look then go for asymmetry, which is much more popular these days. Remove the central piece, create height at one end and balance with a longer display of objects towards the other end. See images below.

Styling a coffee table with Layered Lounge
Asymmetrical Balance


A vignette is essentially a group of objects. A curated collection of some of your favourite pieces. Items which compliment each other well through colour palette, texture or shape. You should style these vignettes in groups of odd numbers. There really are no hard and fast rules of how to do this, it is really down to trial and error, using your naked eye and personal taste as your judge. For a vignette is all about adding your own personality to your home.

A group of vignettes
A group of vignettes which share a similar colour palette and an emphasis on texture, tape and some natural materials which brings the earthy look together


Do not allow your objects to overpower your space. Yes, you want to create some height on your table but being able to see across it and engage with family and friends is also important. Filling a table to the edges also does not allow it to be used for practical purposes such as placing your drink or book down. So be wary of overcrowding it. Equally you should not fall into the trap of believing that a small coffee table should be decorated with small objects. Sometimes fewer but more bold pieces can have greater effect.

A coffee table styled to the brim!
This coffee table has so much going on that there is barely a place to put a cup of tea!


Whilst the coffee table is an individual piece of furniture, it is not an island! So styling it should take inspiration from the other elements around the room to form a cohesive look. Such as the natural materials that have been used, colour scheme, or overall style of room you are looking to achieve (Scandi, Industrial, Eclectic etc.). You wouldn't put a collection of brightly in your face garish pieces on the coffee table if you are aiming for a laid back modern coastal look.

Monochrome Coffee Table Decor
Here the monochrome styling of the room is continued through to the coffee table decor Image: Homevialaura

The Stylists Best Friend

Finally if in doubt get a tray. A simple styling trick used by the professionals. Placing a tray on your coffee table and styling your objects inside is easy and effective. It brings together a collection. It's also practical, because if at any point you need more space then you can just lift it all off in one go.

A try used to pull together a collection of coffee table decor
Our lacquered white tray is ideal from puling together a collection of objects on your coffee table.

We hope this helps with just a few simple tips and tricks of the trade. If you are looking for some stylish coffee table decor then here are our top 3 picks...

Faux Giant Clam Shell perfect for coffee table styling
Faux Shells - click here
Round glass vases, Scandi style
Smoke Vase - click here
Beautiful neutrals on this coffee table styled by Layered Lounge
Handcrafted wooden tray - click here






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