Autumn Home Decor: Create a cosy home

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" F. Scott Fitzgerald

Autumn, possibly our favourite time if the year, when the colours of nature totally compensate for the fading of the summer sun. Its a time to gaze at the world around us and its also a time when we want to capture the beautiful scenery and bring more of the outside in. Its the prefect season to truly show off your layering skills. For those of you unfamiliar with this interior design term, its really quite easy. Merely compare layering your home to layering your clothes. Just as you would add layers to your outfit (shoes, handbag, jewellery, scarf, coat etc), your home needs layering too.

It's the process which truly prevents a scheme from looking flat. Starting with a blank canvas of furniture and paintwork, adding accessories and layering your shelves, sofa and even table helps to make your house a home. In autumn we feel the need for comfort, craving this in foods, smells, warmth and relaxing ambiences. So in order to create a cozy atmosphere in your home, be sure to consider the senses..

Sight: Colour

Autumn is possibly our favourite month for colour. The abundance of changing colours of the leaves, the golden brown of the harvest and the crisp dew on the grass which has gained back its colour following the dry summer months. No wonder that we want to capture that and reflect it in our homes. So for a simple Autumn colour palette be sure to incorporate some deeper colours, it doesn't have to bright, just rich. Think dark olive green, burnt orange, deep greys, warm tan and midnight blues. Place them in your home in a number of places, cushions on your sofa, a vase on your kitchen island unit, a throw on your favourite armchair or new pieces on your dining table.

The beautiful colours captured in this image perfectly reflect the Autumnal tones. Image fro Pinterest. Get a similar look with our rich green cushion and camel alpaca throw below.

Touch: Texture

Texture is a key element for adding interest to a scheme, but be sure to mix it up. A home filled with the same elements merely looks flats and uninviting. Instead create interest and a haven of relaxation with sumptuous cushions combining, wool, heavy linens and velvets for example. Adorn your sofa with a soft tactile throw perfect for snuggling in and a great addition to your cushions. Our white velvet cushion for example, looks beautiful against the new Alpaca throws. Small accessories are also a great and inexpensive way to change the mood of your home. Pieces of wood bring natural elegance and warmth to the scheme and textural variation can also be achieved through ceramic pieces, such as our range of Scandinavian bud vases. Don't forget your candle holders either, coloured glass versions will help soften the atmosphere.

Autumn Textures
Image courtesy of Cate St Hill
A lovely blend of colour tones but also textures, from the chrome lamp to the mohair throw which breathes life into this space.
Beautiful Scandinavian natural textures in furniture, accessories and soft furnishings. Our collection of ceramic vases below are a perfect way to style seasonal stems.


Smell: Scent

Whilst we all love a room diffuser and a scented candle to provide a welcoming scent in our homes, we cam often get stuck in a rut sticking to one candle of our favourite scent. Try to mix it up a bit for the seasons. During the winter months you can afford to try a floral scent with a slightly heavier overtone, with a combination of wood or Oud for example. This will instantly evoke feelings of comfort and warmth. Our Louisa scent is ideal for this, a rose base blended with Oud is both feminine and strong at the same time.

There's nothing more relaxing than snuggling under a warm throw amidst candlelight

Its easy to achieve variation in your home with maximum impact and just a few small changes, so don't be afraid to give it a try and think of it as gradually building out your wardrobe. Buy timeless pieces that will carry your through the seasons year after year.


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