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A new business - From dream to reality

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For anyone wishing to embark on a new business we have 3 top tips for you:
  1. Read - as much as you can
  2. Research - as much as you can
  3. Go for it - because you can!
It’s very easy to sit and dream, but dreams don’t become a reality unless you take the plunge and life is short. Layered Lounge Launch Day Party - Suzy & Lou Selfie If you’ve read our About Us page you will know that Lou and I met at the school gates some years ago. Our girls at that time weren’t great friends (although they are now - they have to be!). Quickly moving on from chatting about them we got on to the topic of personal aspirations and dreams. We'd both taken career breaks to be at home with the kids yet were craving a new chapter in our lives. We wanted to financially provide again but also wanted to build something. A business we would be proud of, passionate about but which also allowed the flexibility to manage the kids too. Having come from different career backgrounds, other than our kids we had another mutual passion, Interiors. We are both mad about them. Everything from knocking down a wall to styling the cushions and throws. Between us were a number of renovation and building projects under our belts, with family and friends frequently complimenting our styles. It was a natural fit. We were also reasonably frustrated with not finding the right items to style our homes. Layered Lounge - the first photo shootLayered Lounge - stock arriving (Organising the first photo shoot & Stock arrivals) We couldn't afford the luxury market and the high street offerings lack the quality we desired. Certain trends washed over us too, we couldn’t fall in love with them long enough.So from that initial discussion a few months went by until we raised the issue again, finally giving ourselves a deadline to get started. First serious “business meeting” was had that week, the plan was hatched and our first to-do list made. One page turned into another culminating with a feeling of being completely overwhelmed but equally really excited and raring to go! A lot of people think setting up online is easy and to an extent thats true. There are no barriers to entry, you can build a web shop quite cheaply and quickly. But once its built it there's no guarantee people will come. There is an awful lot of hard graft in getting your brand out there as many small businesses will tell you and even with social media, breaking through all the noise can be tricky. But thats where your aspirations and drive become vital. You need to keep moving forward.You see for us, we always dream big, we are here for the long haul, to create a real brand. This is more than just two bored mums dipping their toes into something. We are working our socks off but this is a real passion. The journey so far has not been plain sailing, heck we've made a lot of mistakes and already had a re-branding , but theres also a lot we are incredibly proud of. In this, our second year, we have been overwhelmed with the response that you, our customers, have given us. You’ve been incredibly complimentary and this makes us even more determined to keep going on our journey.So thank you for your support. We're a very hands on business,Lou and I can be reached at any time, so please keep it coming and continue along with the ride. Layered Lounge, a family affair, the daughters get involved! (nofilters!) Layered Lounge - a family businessLayered Lounge - a family business!

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