Tranquil Dawn: Dulux Colour of the Year 2020

Dulux Colour of the Year, what is it and why do we care?

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Those at the heart of the interior design world, distinctly mark this week in their calendars. Why? Because it’s the week in which we see the announcement of the Dulux Colour of the year. A prediction of what lies ahead for us for the following year. It will influence what consumers will see on magazine covers, in high street shops, on Pinterest and of course, on many an Instagram grid. Last year saw us embrace Spiced Honey, a warm rich tone, so what is the Dulux colour of the year for 2020?

Tranquil Dawn: A cool soft green. A serene colour which acts as an antidote to what Dulux see as an “increasingly disconnected” society.

Source: Dulux

So just how does DULUX choose the colour?

DULUX panellists along with extremal advisors assess current factors affecting society on a global scale and the impact they have on us. Social pressures, climate concerns, the state of the economy for example, as well as design and lifestyle trends. So in a world where climate change is at the forefront of our minds and technology is changing at an ever increasing rate, it’s no wonder they have come up with a colour which reminds us of humanity and our natural habitats.

Tranquil Dawn reflects “a growing desire to understand what it is to be human, at a time when advances in technology are making us feel increasingly disconnected from each other” says Dulux. The colour green symbolises nature, its use in interior design helps to bring the outside in and Tranquil Dawn is the percent hue for creating a comforting place to relax, recharge and invigorate our mind and souls.

What impact does the Dulux colour of the year actually have on the interiors world?

Early adapters will no doubt be rushing out to grab their pot of paint and emblazoning it on their walls immediately. Designers and manufacturers will be incorporating it in their new product ranges as we write this. For consumers that means it will soon soon start to appear in product collections for you to buy. Whether you choose to embrace it or not will depend on your own personal taste but you will definitely be exposed to it. If its a colour you love - great. Unsure? Try a few smaller purchase items and see how you feel. If its simply not for you then at least take a look at the colour palettes Dulux have put together as a complement to it, see below. (more on that in a upcoming blog).

Source: Dulux

So what do we think?

We have to say, we absolutely love Tranquil Dawn. Lovers of muted colour palettes which are easy to love and easy to live with, we aim to help create homes which are calm and soothing. A sanctuary in which to unwind from the days stress. Tranquil Dawn fits right in. Against our favourite natural textures and materials such as concrete, wood and glass, this colour works beautifully. So whilst we wouldn't go all out and cover our walls in it, we shall definitely be incorporating into our home accessories collections. As for how it makes us feel, well let’s just hope it does what it says on the tin!

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