SH Nordic styling of Layered Lounge products

3 is the magic number

When it comes to styling your home there are no hard or fast rules. Ultimately personal choice should be the deciding factor, its your home, your space so you should really dowhatever makes you happy. Yetwe can always learn some tricks of the trade from stylists and designers. Interestingly onerecurring concept is styling with odd numbers. Below we take a look at the why and how this processseems to work time after time...

In styling terms odd numbers area good thing. As a rule even numbers create symmetry but odd numbers create an interest. Too much symmetry can make a room feel staged and cold whereas asymmetry creates a more natural environment. The visual detail of odd items also encourages the eyes to move around the display with your focus generally being drawn to the centre andresting on something making it more balanced, thus giving the brain a better visual experience. The number 3 specifically, has long been heralded by designers and stylists as the magicnumber that should be applied to interiors and vignettes to make them more appealing. Two items placed together looks like a coupling, whereas three suddenly gives the impression of a collection.Let's take a look at some styling examples..

The beautiful kitchen of "Just a little build"

Styling your lighting. A lot of our living and entertaining happens in the kitchen/living room areas. Pendant lights have become a key part in framing most of our "islands" these days and gone are the quick decisionsofadding a few down lighter to get the job done!Why do pendant lights work best in threes? Its all to do with the rule of odds and the curious way our brains make aesthetic judgements. Theyharmoniously sit as a feature but not by taking over the room. This image to me just would not sit well with only 2 lights!

Layered Lounge Cushions
Cushions & throw from Layered Lounge

Styling your soft furnishings:Think pattern, texture and shape -mixing up patterns with the same colour palette and layering with different shapes(square, rectangle or circular) will keepit interesting. Pulling room schemes together is no easy task, but this is why cushions and throwsare so effective. The image here is styled with the magic number of 3 cushions of3 complimentary colours. Placing the cushions in an asymmetrical way (two cushions one end and one the other) helps to create a more relaxed vibe than the formal alternatively of one or two either end. Placing the coral cushion at the other end of the sofa will also create colour balance ensuring that each end has a bold colour but similar texture to link them.

SH Nordic styling of Layered Lounge products
Fabulous styling of Layered Lounge Bud Vases by SH Nordic

Styling your accessories: Placing items in 3's or 5's or even 7's actually gives the impression that the items have been carefully put together rather than giving the sense of clutter. So simple yet so effective. When styling your vignettes always aim for a collection that offers different heights, sizes and textures as that will ensure the overall look is more aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Here the vases have varying shapes and sizes but with the same colour that binds them together. Simply styled with succulents it straight away evokes calm.

Image courtesy of Go Antique/

Styling yourartwork:What a striking wall of what is actually 4 pieces! - however the eye is drawn immediately to the 3 main features. The offset placement of picture 4 means that the 3 pictures still act like a collection, yet the asymmetrical way in which they are all hung creates greater visual impact. Thesimplicity of images and monochrome colours brings the overall scheme in this room together.So as you can see there are no realstrict rules to the power of odd.

Image courtesy of

Again we reiterate that styling your own homes really does come down to personal taste and choices yet for some the whole process can be a tad overwhelming. Wanting to achieve that relaxed yet beautifully styled homecan be intimidating, but with a few guidelines such as this onethe process can be broken down into more manageable steps. That's not to say you should never use symmetry however. There is a time and a place for everything, but without a doubt the rule of 3 will add a relaxed vibe.Take a look at the image above, the cushions and ceramic jars have a formal look yet the mantlepiece with 3 objects positioned off centre immediately adds a sense of calm to what would otherwise be a highly formal affair.

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